Upcoming events

    • 18 Mar 2021
    • 1:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • 31 Dec 2021
    • 5:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Online

    The G2Z webinar series has been developed as an alternative to the 2021 in person National G2Z Summit.

    This series will cover a wide variety of companion animal managment and sheltering topics and you are welcome to suggest topics and speakers by emailing us. 

    Local and international experts will share their experiences, successes, skills and learnings with us all.

    Click here to find out more and register for upcoming webinars and online events.

    • 20 Aug 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Quest Flemington Central, Flemington Victoria

    Have you ever felt unsure about a dog's behaviour?
    Do you struggle to read canine body language?
    Do you know there can be multiple reasons why dogs are aggressive ?
    Have you got options for owners and their dogs with behavioural problems?
    Do you know there less stressful ways of handling dogs ?

    Tracy Irons from Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services is back to deliver her Understanding and Working  Safely with Dogs Workshop. The workshop will present on reducing your bite risk, basic safe approaching and handling and much more.

    For more information and to register visit here.

    • 15 Sep 2021
    • (UTC+10:00)
    • 16 Sep 2021
    • (UTC+10:00)
    • Joondalup Resort WA
    • 22 Oct 2021
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • 24 Oct 2021
    • 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online


    Are you encountering more reactive and aggressive dogs in your day to day work? 

    Do you have a dog who needs more help with aggressive or reactive behaviours? 

    Would you like more support and safety protocols for training an aggressive dog?

    Join us for the the second 3 Day Livestream Conference dedicated to Aggression In Dogs.

    This one is going to be very different. We are flying all the speakers out to Chicago and will be live-streaming from a professional TV studio for three full days. Think of it as "talk show meets dog behavior conference!"

    Packed with applied presentations (less theory!), "lounge panels" with the speakers, and live interviews....there will be no room for Zoom fatigue here!

    The workshop will be presented virtually in a live stream format and IT WILL BE RECORDED! 

    Packed full of internationally renowned trainers and behaviourists, this program covers everything from fighting dogs, defensive handling, Lounge Chats on hot topics and more!

    Early bird registration is open now at https://thelooseleashacademy.com/conference-registration

Past events

31 Jul 2021 Aggression in Dogs Workshop: Defensive Handling and Training for Australia
23 Jul 2021 Understanding and working safely with dogs - NSW
21 Jul 2021 Upping your BA game: Behaviour assessments for poundies! - webinar
20 May 2021 South Australian Local Government Authorised Persons Association Annual Seminar 2021
17 Mar 2021 Dog bite Emergency department presentations in Brisbane metro south: Exploring targeted interventions - webinar
23 Feb 2021 Preventing stray and abandoned cats and dogs through Council NDN Cooperative Desexing Programs - webinar
21 Dec 2020 AIAM 2020 Research updates - webinar
24 Nov 2020 Animal Management 2021 style with Human Animal Support Services - webinar
27 Oct 2020 Annual General Meeting and Doggone Webinar
13 Oct 2020 AIAM Annual Workshop 2020
02 Oct 2020 Aggression in Dogs Virtual Conference
17 Sep 2020 COVID-19 and Animal Management in the USA - webinar
20 Aug 2020 Quick and Dirty Dog Behaviour webinar
14 Apr 2020 Cat Management for Local Government
21 Oct 2019 AIAM Annual Workshop 2019
18 Sep 2019 2019 WA Rangers Conference
10 Sep 2019 G2Z 8th National G2Z Summit
30 Jul 2019 2019 NSW Rangers Conference
23 May 2019 South Australian Local Government Authorised Persons Association Annual Seminar 2019
18 Oct 2018 AIAM Inc Annual General Meeting
17 Oct 2018 AIAM Annual Workshop 2018
16 Oct 2018 AIAM Workshop 2018 - Airport Transfers
17 Sep 2018 New Zealand Companion Animal Council Inc - Conference
06 Sep 2018 Australian Disaster Resilience Conference
24 Jul 2018 Australian Institute of Local Government Rangers, NSW 2018
24 May 2018 South Australian Local Government Authorised Persons Association Annual Seminar 2018
23 May 2018 Behaviour, Welfare & Wellbeing Seminar - People & Animals in the Workplace
18 Oct 2017 AIAM Annual Workshop 2017
20 Sep 2017 WA Rangers Association Conference 2017
12 Sep 2017 G2Z
25 Jul 2017 Australian Institute of Local Government Rangers, NSW
25 May 2017 South Australian Local Government Authorised Persons Association Annual Seminar 2017
20 Oct 2016 Annual General Meeting
19 Oct 2016 2016 AIAM Workshops
21 Sep 2016 West Australian Rangers Association Annual Training Conference
26 Jul 2016 Australian Institute of Local Government Rangers (Inc)

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