2011 Townsville, Queensland

A winning policy platform that delivers clout and recognises community aspirations - Paper

Lesley Humphreys - Paws 4 Play

The Board Model for state-wide dog and cat management: Does it work? - Paper

Dog and Cat Management Board - South Australia

Redressing the issues for pets and people in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to provide a partnered and sustainable solution for our future - Paper

Julia Hardaker - AMRRIC

Beach education survey: A social change campaign - Paper

Dani Vukoje - City of Charles Sturt

Destruction Obstructions: The legal considerations relevant to dealing with 'dangerous dogs' - Paper

Cimon Burke - Wallmans Lawyers

Tips and traps in dealing with appeals and reviews from animal management decisions - Paper

Barry Dunphy - Clayton Utz

Strategies for putting an end to dog bite injuries: Let's start at the very beginning? - Paper

Upwards and onwards: Envisioning the future and developing a research agenda - Paper

Upwards and onwards: Using partnerships with scientists to improve animal management services - Paper

Dr Pauline Bennett - Latrobe University 

What breeds of dogs are aggressive and who cares? - Paper

What breeds of dog are the most ballistic barkers and why? - Paper

Dr Cam Day - Cam Day Consulting 

OH & S in the AMO role: It's all in a days work - Paper

Margaret Gaal - Bathurst Regional Council

Understanding zoonotic disease: Minimising infection risk for animal management officers - Paper

Dr Rick Speare - James Cook University

Risk management for zoonoses - Paper

Julia Watson - Department of Employment & Industrial Relations, Queensland

The role of animal management officers in animal disease surveillance - Paper

Robert Hedlefs - James Cook University

Victorian Toolbox Options: Information for the masses - Paper

Elke Tapley - Knox City Council & Steven Moore - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

Animal management tools and resources for the legislator, the educator, the regulator, the enforcer and the collaborator - Paper

Dave Bellman - Gold Coast City Council

Outcomes from The Australian Workshop on Plans for Animals in Natural Disasters - Papers

Greg Talbot - Shire of Yarra Ranges

The 2011 Grantham flood disaster and the Lockyer Valley Regional Council Animal Control Team response - Paper

Darryl Simpson - Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Making the most of opportunities to influence the development or amendment of Legislation - Tips on what to do and not do when making a Submission - Paper

Trevor Green - Redland City Council

Living well together: Animal management as the key to people living with pets in the future - Paper

Dr Tim Adams - Petcare Information Advisory Service

Can we accurately identify 'amicable' dogs? - Paper

Tammie King - Monash University

Getting 2 Zero - A whole community change model to increase responsible ownership and prevent unwanted animals - Paper

Joy Verrinder - Animal Welfare League Queensland

Breeder permits and the community - Paper

Stuart Duck - Moreton Bay Regional Council

Cat admissions to animal shelters and the risk of euthanasia: How science can be used to guide animal management in Australia - Paper

Corinne Alberthsen - University of Queensland 

Unwanted companion animals (UCA) and principles to reduce euthanasia of dogs and cats in different communities - Paper

Dr Mark Lawrie - Australian Veterinary Association

Why compete that form? Interpreting data to develop strategy - Paper

Ben Luxton - Dog and Cat Management Board, South Australia

Process development at an international standard - Paper

Rob Smith - Townsville City Council

What was the world 'Expert Meeting on Dog population Management'? What did they decide? - Paper

Tracy Helman - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria 

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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