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Due to the cancellation of the 2020 AIAM workshop we have designed a series of member only webinars.

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One of the problems everyone is facing right now is where to get good information about COVID-19 and animals.

Intake reduction and reducing the number of animals in care has never been more important. There are ways to do this that provide lifesaving outcomes and keep everyone safe.

Thanks to G2Z who has put together a list of links to helpful advice, expert and official information might just be what the doctor ordered for you and your organisation!

The links can be found here. 

Pet Insurance Australia Companion Animal Rescue Awards

 AIAM is proud to be a rescue supporter of the Pet Insurance Australia Companion Animal Awards

The mission of the Rescue Awards is to celebrate and acknowledge achievements in the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of companion animals in Australia. It is the platform to showcase excellence and innovation, thereby raising the standards of rescue groups and animal shelters nation-wide.

“The Rescue Awards shines the spotlight on thousands of heart-warming stories from pet adopters and foster carers about how their adopted/foster pet has transformed and changed lives,” said Cathy Beer, pet adoption advocate and founder of the Rescue Awards and Pets4Life

Every year, approximately 190,000 pets remain unclaimed in Australia’s pounds and shelters, and thousands of volunteers support over 1,000 rescue groups and animal shelters across Australiaยน. The Rescue Awards recognises the dedication of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to help rescue pets find homes.

For more information on the awards and how to nominate visit Pet Insurance Australia Companion Animal Rescue Awards website.

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