Is pet ownership good for your heart? The results of a survey of risk factors for cardiovascular disease in Melbourne, Victoria - Paper

W.P Anderson with C.M. Reid and G.L. Jennings - Baker Medical Research

New direction in municipal dog control - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic 

Wildlife conservation in the urban environment: Are pets a threat? - Paper

Ric Nattrass - Queensland National parks & Wildlife Service

Dog control in Europe, identification systems and privatisation - Paper

Paul Jowsey - Tagmaster Pty Ltd

What you should know about liability for injuries caused by dogs at home and at large - Paper

Peter Hennessy - NSW Law Reform Commission

Electronic identification for pets: the new technology - Paper

R. H. Smith - Animal Electronic ID Systems Pty Ltd

Identification for urban animal management: Microchip or tag? - Paper

J. Brennan - Mt Isa City Council

TAFE Flexi-Program for Animal Control Officer training - Paper

J. Toia - Ithaca College of TAFE

Pet access and urban animal management: Quality of life and public amenity - Paper

 Dr Kathy McQuillan - Petcare Information and Advisory Service

The role of research and behaviour in legislation and community attitudes - Paper

Garth Jennens - Murdoch University

Some problems of dog health and control in Aboriginal and Islander communities in North Queensland - Paper

Dr Jack Shield - Queensland Department of Primary Industries

Rabies: A forceful argument for Urban Animal Management - Paper

Dr David Banks - Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

Aggression in dogs: A complete review - Paper

Dr Gaille Perry - Ithaca College of TAFE

The application of effective animal control measures in a large and rapidly growing municipality - Paper

Gillian Mansfield - Logan City Council

The depriving face of control in urban animal management - Paper

Dr Brendan Bartlett - Griffith University

Application and capability of a computer program for municipal animal control - Paper

David Page - Netvet Pty Ltd

Designing community education programs to promote animal welfare: The RSPCA's experiences - Paper

Anne Hindle - RSPCA Queensland

Why we need animal control - Paper

Dr Annelda Baetz 

Animal shelter management, animal control and animal welfare - Paper

Dr Bill Upton - RSPCA Yerongpilly

Queensland Government's initiatives in animal welfare - Paper

Dr A.J. McKinnon - Queensland Department of Housing, Local Government and Planning

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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