2001 Melbourne, Victoria

Prologue - Paper 

Dr Dick Murray - Urban Animal Management Convenor

NSW Companion Animals Act 1998. Funding - is it adequate for animal management? - Paper

Terry-Anne Pert - Warringah Council

Pet populations in Australia: Dogs increasing and cats decreasing - why is it so? - Paper

Susie Chaseling - Petcare Information and Advisory Service

Pet owner's perspective on compulsory competitive tendering of animal control and management services cervices - Paper

Dr Edward Donelan - West Doncaster Veterinary Centre

Cat confinement - Does it work? - Paper

Reptiles, marsupials and other types of urban animals. What do we do about their management? - Paper

Steven Moore - Frankston City Council

Animal Management Officers Association of Tasmania - Paper

Steve Rigby - Glenorchy City Council

No cat zone - City of Kingston - Paper

Robyn Buttriss - City of Kingston

Victorian School Education Program - Paper

Rob Morrice and Virginia Soderstrom - State Government Victoria

Training of AMO's - Where are we now? What should be done to achieve the goal? - Paper

Steve Larsen - Pittwater City Council

Animal welfare shelter role in the supply of pets to the community - Paper

Peter Barber - RSPCA Victoria

Prevention of dog attacks in public places. A local government strategy adopted by 11 Victorian councils - Paper

Neva Van de Kuyt - Bureau of Animal Welfare Victorian State Government 

The Delta Dog Safe Strategy - Paper

Dr Pauleen Bennett and Dr Joanne Righetti - Monash University and Delta Society

Volunteer shelter and cat rescue - Paper

Peggy Brown 

ACT Strategic Companion Animal Management package - Paper

Lee-Anne Wahren - ACT Government

Cat pounds - Manningham City Council perspective - Paper

Malcolm Scheele - Manningham City Council

Is dog aggression a problem in Aboriginal communities? - Paper

Dr Stephen Cutter and Dr Jenny Wells - University Avenue Veterinary Hospital

Establishing the case! The facts of dog bite - Victorian public hospital injury surveillance - Paper

Karen Ashby - Monash University Accident Research Centre

Progress towards a national AMO training package - Paper

Geoff Irwin and Dr Dick Murray - City of Gold Coast and Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic

Should animal management services be contracted out? - Paper

Dr Graeme Smith - The Lost Dogs' Home

Getting microchips right - Paper

Dr Ian McBryde and Dr Dick Murray - Salisbury Highway Veterinary Surgery and Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic

Cat curfew - Casey City Council - Paper

David Baker - Casey City Council

The need for a national policy direction for aggressive dogs - Paper

Deb Kelly - Department of Environment & Heritage South Australia 

Risk management Council's liability for dangerous and other dogs in light of Pyrenees Shire Council vs Day - Paper

Basil Stafford - Barrister

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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