2004 Adelaide, South Australia

Turning research into reality: How councils can use findings from a survey to help manage pets in the community - Paper

Neva Van de Kuyt - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria 

Compliance theory: How to improve companion animals by managing people better - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd  

Aggression effects - From a human perspective + solutions - Paper

How do we know they're telling the truth? A critique review - Paper

Peter Thompson - Dog and Cat Management Board, South Australia

This job is the PITS: Perpetration Induced Traumatic Stress (PITS) in animal care workers - Paper

Vanessa Rohlf and Dr Pauleen Bennett - Monash University

What a debarkle! Barking problem or problem barker - Can you tell the difference?

Dr Kersti Seksel - Sydney Animal Behaviour Service 

Fixed or fixed? Are councils really resolving barking dog problems? - Paper

Shane Scriggins - Caloundra City Council

Barking up the wrong tree: The importance of understanding and correct diagnosis of barking in dogs - Paper

Don't worry, be happy: Managing anxiety, solving behaviour problems in our pets - Paper

Anything for a quiet life: Problem solving the noisy canine neighbourhood - Paper

Dr Joanne Righetti - Pet Problems Solved

Scooby Doo - Why are you barking? - Paper

Paul Kelly - Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

Ethology of barking - Why do dogs bark? - Paper

Dr Paul McGreevy - University of Sydney

Horse welfare problems - The role of municipal councils - Paper

Naomi Pearson - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

Benchmarking Victoria - An all Council view and comparison - Paper

Russell McMurray - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

A survey of the behaviour of UK household dogs - Paper

Danny Mills - University of Lincoln

Surviving the stresses of stress - Paper

Paul Frisby - Rockhampton City Council

Definition of a legal nuisance - Legal aspects of complaint management - Paper

Paul Leadbeter - Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

Lost and found in Melbourne  - Paper

Linda Marston - Monash University

The Townsville plan - An update - Paper

Gavin Hammond - Townsville City Council 

Triple bottom line and UAM: Where do compliance, social capital and the new UAM fit? - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd and Ian Henderson - City of Port Phillip

Strategic planning in animal welfare...Or how to get where you want to go - Paper

Brian Whinfield - Animal Welfare League of South Australia

Barking management - Appropriate noise standards and definitive assessment - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic 

Dog aggression - Management and minimisation - Urban Animal Management position - Paper


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