2019 Darwin, Northern Territory

No, it's not all how they're raised - Presentation

Assessments, criteria setting and managing risk - Presentation

Low stress handling of dogs and cats - Presentation

Trish McMillan - McMillan Animal Behaviour

Managing for culture - Presentation

Social Change 101 - Presentation

Transformative conversations - Presentation

Myles Chandwick - Emancipet

In-house veterinary model of animal management in remote Aboriginal communities - Presentation

Rebecca Burrie - Veterinarian - Roper Gulf Regional Council

Animal Welfare Victoria - Changing the way we engage - Presentation

Cristina Del Borello and Adam Dudzinski - Animal Welfare Victoria

The evolution of appeal processes in dog control - Presentation

Paul Kelly - Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

The contribution of companion animal veterinary services to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community wellbeing - Presentation

Jan Allen - Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities

Stopping Canine Parvovirus in local communities with a collaboration between councils/pounds, vet clinics and a charity - Presentation

Mark Kelman - Paws for a Purpose

Education and EngagementEffective strategies for reaching residents - Presentation

Adam Filipi and Dani Scuteri - City of Charles Sturt

Nudges in the field - Presentation

Human behaviour: Animal outcomes - Presentation

Jessica Moore Jones - Unleashed Coaching and Consulting

West Cairns pilot Animal Management program 2019 - Presentation

Ann-Marie Plasto and Tina Martin - Cairns Regional Council

Evidence based approach to Animal Management - Presentation

Angie Heriot - City of Darwin

Developing practical animal management bylaws for a remote indigenous community setting at Roper Gulf Regional Council - Presentation

Samantha Phelan - Roper Gulf Regional Council

Wagging the dog - Presentation

Linda Allery - Dog and Cat Management Board of South Australia and Steph Jeuken - Principal Consultant, EAI Projects

Australian Community Cat Program - Presentation

Jacquie Rand - Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

Reducing the threats posed by cats in remote Indigenous communities - Presentation

Brooke Rankmore - Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities

Good Neighbour program - Presentation

Kristina Vesk - Cat Protection Society of NSW

The Canberra Dog Model and new Animal Welfare laws - Presentation 

Jessica Turk - Domestic Animal Services, Canberra

The Tasmanian Cat Management Project - the Tassie approach to state-wide cat management - Presentation

Nikki Brookman and Hayley Kaplan - Cradle Coast Authority 

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