2009 Geelong, Victoria

Victorian Cat Tracking Study Part 2: After the adoption - Paper

The burning question - What can we learn from the Victorian Bushfires? Experiences from a shelter on the frontline - Paper

Dr Linda Marston - Monash University

The link between dog control and dog welfare - Paper

Clare Connell - Auckland City Council

Attitudes of owners influence various dog management behaviours - Paper

Vanessa Rohlf - Monash University

A place for pets: How pets can strengthen community social fabric - "The Living Well Together Handbook" - Paper

Tamara Shadlow - Petcare Information and Advisory Service

The agony and the ecstasy: Animals, amalgamations and alignments - Paper

Anne-Marie Boyd - Moreton Bay Regional Council

Is a virtual academy for Animal Management Officer training a reality? - Paper

Dr David Jones - TAFESA

Can implementation of an Act change without the legislation being amended by Government? The answer is "YES"; and Animal Management Officers must be prepared for these changes when administering legislation! - Paper

Steven Moore - Bureau of Animal Welfare Victoria

Importance of procedures relating to dog attacks involving death of people - Paper

Steve Larsen - Pittwater Council

Declared Dog Database - What can it do? How can we do it better? - Paper

Tracy Helman - Bureau of Animal Welfare

Dog assessment now and in the future - Paper

What makes a good test of canine behaviour: Lessons from the behavioural sciences - Paper

Dr Pauline Bennett - Monash University

The development of a valid and reliable test of amicability in dogs - Paper

Tammie King - Monash University

To leash or not to leash - Paper

Tony Pearson - City of Onkaparinga

Developments in the use of noise monitoring/recording and expert opinion in reliable and cost effective and prosecution of dog barking nuisance - Paper

Peter Maddern - Peter Maddern & Associates

South Australian Dog and Cat Management Board response to the Ombudsman's enquiry - Paper

Adele Steel - Dog and Cat Management Board

The South Australian Ombudsman and Local Government - Paper

Kate Oliver - Norm Waterhouse Lawyers

Black Saturday - An Emergency Animal Management Plan put to the test - Paper

Greg Talbot - Shire of Yarra Ranges 

Conducting effective investigations: A practical guide - Paper

Cimon Burke - Wallmans Lawyers

Planning for dogs in open space with a focus on integrated planning and dog parks - Paper

Lesley Humphreys - Paws 4 Play

But where will the dog live? Animal management and the shrinking Australian backyard - Paper

Susie Willis - Petcare Information and Advisory Service 

Assessment of personality in dogs - Paper

Dr Jacqui Ley - Monash University

Reliability, validity and feasibility of existing tests of canine behaviour - Paper

Kate Mornement - Monash University 

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