2005 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Meeting in the park: Are dog owners who talk to one another contributing to social capital and is there a valid tool to promote responsible pet ownership? - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd

The barking dog owner - Using the big stick - Paper

Paul Frisby - Rockhampton City Council

Community attitudes towards semi-owned cats - Opportunities for education - Paper

Dr Samia Toukhsati - Monash University

The Veterinary Nurse as one of the UAM team - Paper

Jane Bindloss - Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia

Animal hoarding - Paper

Compassion/enthusiasm fatigue - Paper

Cruelty to animals and family violence - Paper

Dangerous dog management - Paper

John Snyder - Humane Society of the United States

Research needs in UAM - a panel discussion - Paper

Dr Tim Adams - Petcare Information and Advisory Service 

Managing impacts of domestic cats in peri-urban reserves - Paper

Dr Sally McCarthy - Australian National University

Multi-disciplinary - Multiple stakeholders - Paper

Selina Neill - Gold Coast City Council 

A dangerous occupation: Dealing with dogs, an OH & S issue - Paper

Barking problems solved: Examples of successful management of barking problems in the urban environment - Paper

A quick fix? Solutions for animal behaviour problems in urban animal management - Paper

Dr Joanne Righetti - Pet Problems Solved

The Victorian Declared Dog Register - Paper

Dr Rick Walduck - Microchips Australia Pty Ltd

Barked enough! City of Palmerston's holistic approach to manage nuisance barking - Paper

Peter Chandler - City of Palmerston

Validating the behavioural assessments of canines at the RSPCA Shelter in Fairfield, Queensland - Paper

Angelika Poulsen - University of Queensland 

The link between violence to animals and people in Australia - Paper

Animal hoarders in Australia - shining light through dark shades - Paper

Dr Mark Lawrie - RSPCA NSW

Animal Management Officer internet resource site - Paper

Neva van der Kuyt - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

Shelter shakeup - the outcome - Paper

Cat stats: Tracking cat admissions to shelters in Melbourne - Paper

Dr Linda Marston - Monash University

Shared community solutions for life and death matters - Paper

Joy Verrinder - Animal Welfare League of Queensland 

Interface with other stakeholders - Paper

Geoff Irwin - Gold Coast City Council

Ban those cats! Resolving wildlife issues in the ACT - Paper

Ian Baird - Act Government and Dr Michael Hayward - Gunghalin Vet Hospital 

Media management - Ensuing the media bark is not worse than the dog bite - Paper

Deborah Kelly - Department of Environment and Heritage, South Australia

UAM National Position Statement: Barking management - Progress report for Canberra UAM Conference - Paper

Appendix 2: Complete document - Barking nuisance management - Paper

Bark counter: Seeking objectivity in bark nuisance assessment - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic

Indian Mynahs - can the problems be controlled? - Paper

Dr Chris Tidemann - Australian National University

Casual factors for excessive barking in Central Brisbane dogs - Paper

Ms Nicola Cross - University of Queensland 

Where do pets come from? Victorian Pet Acquisition Survey - Paper

Cathy Pawsey - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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