1994 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


Michael Banyard - Urban Animal Management Conference Convenor

Legislation for urban animal management: Experience with formulation and implementation of Scoop Law - Paper

Pet identification: microchips, collars, tags and the Wood Green Animal Shelters National Pet Register - Paper

Wood Green Animal Shelters - experience of kennel and cattery design for council and shelter operations - Paper

RL Leather - Wood Green Animal Shelters  

Are cats on rubbish dumps a problem? - Paper

Peter Wilson - Australian National University

Appliances for animal identification - Paper

Dr Rick Walduck - Central Animal Records

Management of urban animals - The Jervis Bay experience - Paper

Paul Meek - Jervis Bay Territory

Dog control in the ACT - current legislative initiatives - Paper

Phillip Revill - ACT Parks and Conservation Service

Animal control services in New Zealand - Paper

Kenneth Muir - Animal Control Services Ltd

Principles and strategies for managing vertebrate pests - Paper

Mike Braysher - Bureau of Resource Sciences, ACT

The metropolitan domestic cat - Paper

Jim Millwood and Tim Heaton 

Dog management in South Australia - Paper

Ken McCann - Local Government Association SA

Dog training and management - Are we maximising our opportunities? - Paper

Dr Gaille Perry - Ithaca College of TAFE

The Sherbrooke cat law - Does it work? - Paper

Garrique Pergl - Shire of Sherbrooke

AMREX - An integrated system for companion animal management - Paper

Garth Jennens - AMREX

PET PEP: Pets and people education program: Responsible animal ownership in Primary Schools - Paper

Dr Dianne Hopkins - AVA WA Division

The impact of domestic animals on urban wildlife - eradication or damage control - Paper

Dick Veitch - Department of Conservation, New Zealand

Urban wildlife - An overview - Paper

Don Fletcher - ACT Parks and Conservation Service

A Threat Abatement Plan for feral cats: Implications for domestic cats - Paper

Dr David Carter - Australian Nature Conservation Industry

Community involvement and urban dogs - some ideas - Paper

Dr David Paxton - Australian National University

Do cats impact on wildlife? - Paper

Dr Chris Tidemann - Australian National University

Using theory and scientific experience to assess the impact of house-based domestic cats Felis Catus (Lo) on prey populations and prey community structure - Paper

David Barratt - University of Canberra

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