2003 Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Prologue - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Urban Animal Management Convenor

Occupational stress affecting productivity in UAM - what is it, how does it affect us and how can we decrease it's incidence? - Paper

David Preiss - LGPro Victoria  

Rabies and dog ecology in Flores - Paper

Dr Stephen Cutter - University Avenue Veterinary Hospital

Dog Aggression Database (DAD) - outing and update - Paper

Dr Rick Walduck - Central Animal Records Australia Pty Ltd

Leash laws - Proof that they are a community expectation and a safety benefit - Paper

Stephen Hollitt 

Walk a mile in my shoes - a unique approach to encouraging better understanding and support for UAM from CEO/General Manager perspective - Paper

Garry Storch - Caloundra City Council

Does breed specific legislation reduce dog aggression on humans and other animals? A review paper - Paper

Linda Watson - Monash University

Assessing animal management priorities by survey - Paper

Gavin Hammond - Townsville City Council

Animal management and the Ombudsman - Paper

Rebecca McAnalen - Queensland Ombudsman's Office

A model for visualising UAM factors and outcomes - what UAM means and why UAM matters? - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd

Microchip performance testing - Paper

Dr Ian McBryde - Salisbury Highway Veterinary Clinic

ALARMSystem and Toolbox - Paper

David Carlisle - Brisbane City Council and David Bellman - Gold Coast City Council

Education - public awareness about competency in pet ownership is not enough - Paper

Jim Wilson - RSPCA Victoria 

Fostering dog-aware communities - Paper

Scott O'Keefe - Queensland Department of Natural Resources Mines

UAM dog registrations via veterinary practice - a win-win venture that's working well for Marion Council in South Australia - Paper

Terry Nicholas - City of Marion

Excess barking - a more complex problem than it would appear - Paper

Dog aggression - management and minimisation - UAM position - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic

Solutions for the growing problem of wild dogs in residential areas - Paper

Paul Darren Sheil - Pine Rivers Shire Council

Compliance theory: How to improve companion animal management problems by managing people better - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd

Barking dog procedures - Paper

Malcolm Bennett - City of Gosnells Council

Information access in UAM - Paper

Susie Chaseling - Australian Veterinary Association

Behavioural differences between urban, rural and indigenous communities - Paper

Dr Kerstie Seksel - Seaforth Veterinary Behaviour Consultants

Advances in reproductive control technology - Paper

Graeme Brown - University of Newcastle

Indigenous community animal programs: training and education needs - Paper

Dr Jack Shield - Queensland Department of Primary Industries

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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