2017 Caroline Springs, Victoria

Recruiting: Are we getting the most suitable candidate? - Presentation

Mykel Smith - City of Gold Coast

Animal transport vehicle design - Presentation

Jeff Borella - City of Palmerston

Legislative reform: Opportunities and challenges - Presentation

Sally Fensling - Domestic Animals, Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Dog behaviorist for barking dog complaints trial - Presentation

Brenton Thomass - City of Port Enfield

Dog noise policy - Presentation

Luke Kearney - Port Stephens Council

Cruelty investigations and Veterinary Forensics with the RSPCA - Presentation

Dr Rebecca Belousoff - RSPCA Victoria

Factors associated with live release of cats and dogs admitted to Victorian municipal pounds - Presentation

Emeritus Professor Jacquie Rand - University of Queensland and Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

Behaviour assessments for dogs - Presentation

Trish Harris - 4 Paws K9 Training

Project partnerships: initiatives, benefits and support for domestic animal planning. - Presentation

Elke Tapley - RSPCA Victoria

Fighting compassion fatigue and encouraging resiliency - Presentation

Dr Vanessa Rohlf 

Dogs and cats online: All of our puppies in one basket - Presentation

Andrew Lamb - Dog and Cat Management Board

The Darwin situation - Presentation

Anthony Smith - City of Darwin

It wasn’t my dog, it wasn’t my dog’s fault, it’s not my dog’s DNA, the science is wrong! - Presentation

George Sofranidis - Orivet Genetic Pet Care

In shelter behaviour assessments - What does the science say? - Presentation

Diana Rayment - Greyhound Adoption Program Victoria

Snip it in the bud! - Presentation

Jenny Cotterell and Helen Hass - Banyule City Council

Investigating serious and fatal dog attacks - Presentation

Risk assessment, evals and how not to get bitten - Presentation

Dogs and aggression - Presentation

Animal cruelty investigations - Presentation

Jim Crosby - Canine Aggression Consulting

Training update - Presentation

Sharleen Jordan - Central Regional TAFE

Demand outstrips supply - Presentation

John Bishop - PetRescue

Managing cats scientifically and humanely to decrease cats (and costs) - Presentation 

Emeritus Professor Jacquie Rand - University of Queensland and Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

Education and informing the community - a new approach for City of Greater Geelong - Presentation

Steve Sodomaco - City of Greater Geelong

Alexandrina Council Animal Management vehicles - Presentation

David Heath - Alexandrina Council

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