Brenton Thomass

Manager Community & Environmental Health, City of Port Adelaide Enfield, SA

Brenton has over 15 years' experience in local government including 8 years' experience as a General Inspector for City of Salisbury, 2 years as Team Leader Ranger Services at City of Burnside and for the past 5 years Community Safety Leader and Manager Community & Environmental Health at City of Port Adelaide Enfield, one of the largest metropolitan Council's in South Australia.

Brenton has been a board member of the Local Government Authorised Persons Association for 8 years including 7 years as Vice-President. Brenton has a Diploma of Management and Cert IV in Local Government (Regulatory Services).

Brenton has won numerous awards including at the Local Government Authorised Persons Association Awards Night including:
2012 Animal Management team of the year at City of Salisbury
2015 Excellence in Regulatory Services with City of Burnside
2017 Excellence in Regulatory Services with City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Brenton's works on the 3 E's principle being "engage, educate and enforce" for animal management in the community.  

Vice President & Treasurer

Dr. Brooke Rankmore

CEO, Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities

Brooke took up the role of CEO with AMRRIC in February 2018. With a passion for rural and remote Australia, Brooke has lived and worked in the Northern Territory for 20 years.

Brooke has a Bachelor of Science with Honours, a Doctor of Philosophy and extensive experience in conservation and natural resources management across the Top End. She completed the Australian Rural Leadership Program in 2010 and among other roles has held the position of Manager of Regulatory Services with the City of Darwin, overseeing Councils regulation of animal management.

Brooke is currently a Board Director of Territory Natural Resource Management and Bereaved Parent Support Northern Territory. 


Nell Thompson

Coordinator Getting 2 Zero

Nell has been on the AIAM Committee since 2013 and has worked in the animal welfare, care and veterinary sectors for over 20 years. 

 Nell is the Coordinator of the national Getting 2 Zero program where her background in shelter/pound operations and management and animal health is a great resource for Councils, shelters and all groups and individuals involved in the program.

 Nell is passionate about improving outcomes for pets who enter the shelter and pound systems and strongly believes that the best results occur when animal welfare and animal management are working together towards the same goals.



Sharleen Jordan BSc Dip Ed Dip LGA

Lecturer, Local Govt/Animal Studies Central Regional TAFE.,WA 

Sharleen is an ASL2 (Advanced Skills Lecturer) for Central Regional TAFE (WA) who has been conducting training for the Local Government and Animal Studies sectors since 1996. 

Her teachings incorporate a wide scope of Nationally Accredited subjects including animal behaviour, management and control, reptile handling, livestock, emergency management, firearms, and more. 

Sharleen has almost ten years of service on the WA Rangers Association committee and represents them on this AIAM committee; as well as a presence on several other committees. She has worked with Animal Control in the USA and is currently conducting training and undertaking various projects with Animal Control in Malaysia. Sharleen has a vast international network of officers and through this network is able to uphold her principles of teaching “Current International Best Practice” with a strong focus on Animal Welfare and Occupational Health and Safety


Dr Diana Rayment

Senior Greyhound Behavioural Assessor, Greyhound Adoption Program

Dr Diana Rayment has over 15 years experience working with companion animals in both applied and academic settings. Starting out as a nurse at a large urban animal shelter and dog trainer in the early 2000s, Diana developed a keen interest in companion animal welfare and management. She went on to spend 10 years in the university and TAFE sectors teaching a variety of subjects across the animal sciences, completing a PhD in canine behaviour assessments in applied environments, doing research in animal nutrition and working dog training and assessment methods, and co-supervising over 30 Honours students studying a variety of topics in animal health and companion animal welfare.

For the last 3.5 years, Diana has been working with retired racing greyhounds, improving assessment methods for dogs exiting the racing industry and developing a successful remedial socialisation and rehabilitation program for greyhounds displaying dog-dog predation.


Nishu Ellawala

Manager Community Education and Compliance, Isaac Regional Council

Nishu has worked in Local Government both in New Zealand and Australia for over 15 years, leading large multidisciplinary development & compliance services teams in building, planning & environment and local laws.

Nishu is passionate about animal management with a key focus on community education and community partnerships to improve responsible pet ownership, the well-being of animals and that of the community. 




Melanie Dansie

Supervisor Local Laws - Rockhampton Regional Council

Melanie has over a decade’s experience in animal management and became an AIAM committee member in 2017.

With a background in agriculture, dog obedience and show, Melanie has been an integral part of developing and implementing new processes and community based programs to promote responsible pet ownership.

Creating networks within the industry to create a collaborative approach for all to deliver the best product for our customers is a key focus.

 Melanie is the inaugural recipient of the Compass Group Young Manager of the Year award in 2006 and has a reputation for efficient service delivery, with a strong focus on community safety. 



Dani Scuteri

Project Officer, Public Health & Safety, City of Charles Sturt

Dani is the Project Officer for Public Health and Safety within the City of Charles Sturt. Dani’s background is in education having a Bachelor of Education from the University of South Australia. She currently works as a member of the Public Health and Safety Team of Charles Sturt and coordinates, monitors and evaluates the strategic Urban Animal Management which is designed to set the direction for the management of urban animals within our community. Furthermore the project officer is responsible for the Region Health Plan reporting, Dog Registration Management as well as developing and implementing various educational programs including events and providing guidance and support to the Animal Management Officers in relation to strategies surrounding animal management within the City.


Ann-Marie Plasto

Leading Pound Officer Local Laws, Cairns Regional Council 

Ann-Marie joined Cairns Regional Council in 2015 in the small out dated pound facility but this never stopped her dreaming of making changes from the moment she stepped into the kennels. Making leading pound officer within 18months she used her tertiary studies including two Degrees, skills gained from other facilities and sheer determination to improve the facility for the sake of the animals. Working in other larger shelters and boarding facilities around the region Ann-Marie gained a sound understanding of the range of public requirements from a council run facility. Although she is still young in her Council career every day is a learning curve and there is no one better to take up the challenge.  


Tina Martin

Animal Management Supervisor, Cairns Regional Council 

Tina Martin has had over 25 years’ experience in the animal welfare and animal management field. Starting off her career with RSPCA,she worked in a range of positions from vet nursing to shelter manager all up and down the Queensland Coast. This diversity of positions and locations for 14 years gave Tina an immense understanding of animal management issues faced by many communities. Tina now brings her wealth of knowledge to Cairns Regional Council as their Animal Management Supervisor.


Samantha Bell

Compliance Coordinator, Baw Baw Shire Council

Samantha has over 13 years' experience in local government and animal management, having worked for 3 Victorian Councils in Local Laws / compliance roles, all with a focus on animal management.

Samantha commenced her position as Compliance Coordinator in 2015, responsible for oversight of the Community Compliance team, and the Council operated pound facility for the majority of this time. In addition, she fulfils the role of prosecutor for the Compliance team and has introduced policies, processes and improved approaches to animal related enforcement to ensure the welfare of all impacted animals, owners and victims, whilst maintaining community safety as paramount.

Since joining Baw Baw Shire in 2015, Samantha has had the benefit of overseeing the move from a small outdated pound facility capable of holding 8 dogs and 9 cats, to a larger, more functional and Code compliant facility which provides the space for improved exercise and socialisation. Throughout this time, the team of Community Compliance Officers and Animal Attendants have worked exhaustively to create networks within the industry including veterinary clinics, rescue groups and foster carers to increase the opportunities and likelihood for animal rescue and rehoming. This has seen a significant reduction in euthanasia within our pound


Lauren Wilby

Senior Compliance Officer, Baw Baw Shire Council 

Lauren has worked in the animal management space for 8 years and joined Baw Baw Shire Council in 2016 as a Community Compliance Officer. Before this she worked for a pound facility provider for 6 of Melbourne’s south eastern Councils.

Lauren has worked hard to facilitate the excellent relationships between Baw Baw Shire Council and rescue groups all over Victoria. She has utilised  her knowledge, skills and previous experience to assist with the transition from a small outdated regional pound to a bigger and better facility providing more opportunity for the rehoming of animals.

Lauren is relevantly new to Local Government but has thrived in this space having acted in the role of Senior Compliance Officer for well over a year and recently securing a further 12 month appointment to the role, which sees her leading the Community Compliance team to achieve positive animal management outcomes in the community. Lauren is passionate about finding a balance between animal management and animal welfare to achieve better outcomes for animals and their owners.

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