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Accredited training usually comes from a National Training Package and can only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved to run the course.  There are rules and guidelines (Standards for RTOs 2015) about how these courses can be delivered and assessed and the providers are audited regularly.

Non-accredited training does not comply with any rules and can be delivered by anyone, RTO or not, and usually involves skills training in specific areas.

Information on nationally accredited training is held at the web site

When you arrive at this site, click on the bar at the bottom of the “National Register of VET” box (right hand side of page) that says –Continue to

On this page there is a box in the top right hand corner marked “Quick search” with a search box for “Nationally recognised training”.  Here you will enter information on the qualification that you are looking for.  You can either enter qualification titles, codes, etc, or text of the subject matter to search, eg “horses” should bring up all of the qualifications relating to horses.

When you find the qualification that you are searching for, clicking on it will bring up a whole page of information about the qualification.  On this page about halfway down there is a highlighted option – Find RTOs approved to deliver this qualification.  When you click on this option, a list of approved RTOs will appear along with their contact and web site information.

Following are some of the nationally accredited qualifications undertaken by officers in this field –

PSP Public Sector Training Package (Release 1.0) PSP Public Sector link

  • PSP40116 Certificate IV in Government
  • PSP40416 Certificate IV in Government Investigations
  • PSP50116 Diploma of Government
  • PSP50416 Diploma of Government Investigations

ACM10 Animal Care and Management (Release 3.0) ACM10 Animal Care link

  • ACM30410 Certificate III in Companion Animal Services
  • ACM40110 Certificate IV in Animal Control and Regulation
  • ACM40210 Certificate IV in Captive Animals
  • ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services
LGA04 Local Government Training Package (Release 3.0) Local Govt link
  • LGA30404 Certificate III in Local Government (Regulatory Services)
  • LGA40204 Certificate IV in Local Government Administration
  • LGA40504 Certificate IV in Local Government (Regulatory Services)
  • LGA50104 Diploma of Local Government Administration

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