2018 Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Wheels in motion: Cairns Regional Council Animal Management Fleet - Presentation

Terry Fowler - Cairns Regional Council

Changing now for a better future: Cost effective changes for Cairns Regional Council Pound - Presentation

Ann-Marie Plasto - Cairns Regional Council 

Working remotely and staying safe - Presentation

Deborah Furbank - Yorke Peninsula Shire

Recognising and responding to dog-dog predatory attacks in retired racing greyhounds - Presentation 

Diana Rayment - Greyhound Adoption Program Victoria

Victorian legislative reform update - Presentation 

Alexandra Krummel - Animal Welfare Victoria

From little things big things grow - improving animal management through responsible pet ownership education in schools - Presentation 

Karen Stevenson - Australian Veterinary Association 

Utilising partnerships, technology and data to achieve positive animal management outcomes - Presentation 

Sarah Symons - Lost Dogs Home

Using Best Practice in shelter operations to maximise organisational resources and efficiency - Presentation 

Dr Ann Enright - Cat Protection Society of Victoria

Desexing legislation - What's the optimal solution? - Presentation

Cooperative Desexing Programs - community solution to a community problem - Presentation

The Australian Cat Action Plan - Presentation

Dr Joy Verrinder - Animal Welfare League of Queensland, National Desexing Network and Getting 2 Zero

Strategies to reduce the euthanasia of impounded dogs and cats used by Councils in Victoria, Australia - Presentation 

Public opinions on strategies for managing stray cats and predictors of opposition to trap neuter and return in Brisbane, Australia - Presentation 

Emeritus Professor Jacquie Rand - University of Queensland and Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

Behavioural risks in male dogs with minimal lifetime exposure to gonadal hormones may complicate population control benefits of desexing - Presentation 

Undesirable behaviours in young dogs in England commonly result in mortality - Presentation 

Professor Paul McGreevy - University of Sydney

SA's Dogs and Cats Online - Stakeholder engagement and collaboration - Presentation 

Steph Jeuken and Linda Allery - EAI Consultants and Dog and Cat Management Board

KONG Solutions - Presentation

Rachael James - KONG

Animal Hoarding - It's a human issue but it's the animals that suffer - Presentation

Donna Morgan - RSPCA NSW

A journey of continuous improvement in our journey of responsible animal management - Presentation

Nishu Ellawala - Rockhampton Regional Council

Camden Council - Engaging the Community - Presentation

Michelle Gallo - Camden Council

Early literacy and pet safety in a multicultural community - Presentation

Jacqueline Benito - Blacktown City Council

The trials and tribulations of cat management - Presentation

Arron Scholz - Wyndham City Council

Tackling Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities - Presentation

Dr Brooke Rankmore - AMRRIC

Animal welfare and management regulatory compliance model - Presentation

Dog management laws in the ACT - Presentation

Sean Sloan - Transport Canberra and City Services

Stakeholder and Industry Relationships of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council - Presentation

Daryl Simpson - Lockyer Valley Regional Council

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