2013 Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Community engagement in urban animal management - Paper 

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd  

Community partnership in animal management planning and practice - a success story - Paper

Dr Ted Donelan - West Doncaster Veterinary Clinic

Pet-care practices of Victorian dog, cat, rabbit and bird owners: what issues should we be targeting with educational materials? - Paper 

Dr Pauleen Bennett - Anthrozoology Research Group, Latrobe University

Animal welfare and animal management - never the twain shall meet? Of course they can! - Paper

Nell Thompson - Getting 2 Zero

Working with councils to reduce the number of dogs euthanased in pounds - Paper

Maryann Dalton - Pet Industry Association of Australia

Animal hoarding: a recurring animal management nightmare - Paper

Dr Mandy Paterson - RSPCA Queensland

Teaching the "Be a Friend to your Dog" program in remote Indigenous communities: school children and educator perceptions - Paper

Dr Janice Lloyd and Dr Reesa Sorin - James Cook University

Post traumatic stress - a risk for responders to dog bite cases - Paper

Dr Linda Marston - GOTafe and Latrobe University

The national planning principles for animals in disasters: what role for local Government? - Paper

Jacqui Mills - World Society for the Protection of Animals

Easing the burden on council - tools to support the regulatory environment - Paper

Tracy Helman and Dr Mariko Lauber - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

The animal management/animal welfare interface in Australia: To what degree could the'interface' between animal management and animal welfare at a community level become a mutually beneficial 'merger' if we put the right bridges in place - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Australian Institute of Animal Management

The use of real-time heart rate monitors to assess arousal levels during canine behavioural test batteries - Paper

Diana Rayment - Latrobe University 

Thinking outside the square: how can councils increase registration, desexing and microchipping rates? - Paper

Barbara Dart and Kyle Goodwin - Ipswich City Council

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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