1996 Sydney, New South Wales


Michael Banyard - Urban Animal Management Convenor

New Companion Animal Laws: Brisbane City Council - Paper

Steve Best - Brisbane City Council  

Initiatives for the environment - Paper

Terry-Ann Pert - Warringah Council

Rethinking approaches to urban animal management: A review and integration of the strategies available - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd

Implementing new legislation in Victoria - a council perspective - Paper

Fred Pallas - Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Opportunities for change - Paper

George Coward - Blacktown City Council

The City of Nedlands behavioural management program - Paper

Graeme Raine - City of Rockingham

Man meets dog: surviving and evolving together - Paper

Jonica Newby - Petcare Information & Advisory Service 

Petlinks - a new service for home and community care - Paper

Meyer Eidelson

Change through community consultation - a case study

Peter Adamson - Malibu Veterinary Hospital

Changing attitudes towards companion animals - Paper

The importance of companion animals to society - Paper

Richard Avanzino - San Francisco SPCA

Developing the proposed NSW Companion Animal Legislation - Paper

Ros Riordan - Ministry for Local Government NSW

Strengthening the relationship between Institute of Municipal Management and Urban Animal Management - Paper

Barry Beattie - Institute of Municipal Management 

The value of the Pet Pep program - Paper

Carole Kayrooz - University of Canberra

How to prevent dog bites - the Canine Good Citizen - Paper

Dr Kersti Seksel - Seaforth Veterinary Hospital

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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