2008 Darwin, Northern Territory

Dogs 101 - Targeting innate canine behaviours for ongoing success in responsible pet ownership outcomes - Paper

Craig Murray -  Craig A. Murray Dog School

Saving Pets = Saving People: Lessons learned in Hurricane Katrina - Paper

Walking the Animal Control tightrope: Striking a balance between Animal Control and Animal Welfare - paper

Laura Maloney 

Emergency and Disaster Management - The Australian Experience - Paper

Deb Kelly - Dog and Cat Management Board, South Australia

Urban Animal Management in disaster planning - Paper

Elke Tapley - Knox City Council

City of Salisbury bites back with effective animal management initiatives - Paper

Darren Hurst - City of Salisbury

Dog barking - Collecting the evidence - Paper

Chris Button - City of Onkaparinga

Just walk me - Paper

Alf Mikelat - City of Gold Coast

Who's for cats? - Paper

Neva Gladman - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

Vet-Evac-ing. Saving lives by moving animals to where they can find homes - Paper

Mark Lawrie - Australian Veterinary Association 

Companion animals in Law - Animal Welfare and Animal Management - Paper

Dr Michael Hayward - Australian Veterinary Association

Churchill Fellowship research: An urban Animal Management journey outside the square - Paper

Peter Chandler MLA - Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Environment and Heritage, Northern Territory

Three decades of people and pets and Animal Management: A good news story - Paper

Tim Adams - Petcare Information and Advisory Service

UAM - Looking forward, looking back - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic

Considering the animals and management of animals in an emergency situation - A local perspective - Paper

Claire Gick - City of Bunbury

Codes of Practice for Private Keeping of Cats and Dogs:Tools for management and welfare! - Paper

Cathy Pawsey - Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

What happens when the big one hits - Surviving Cyclone Monica - Paper

Dr Ted Donelan - West Doncaster Veterinary Clinic

We are family: The Missing Link in an important chain - Paper

Rob Morrice - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Dogs 101 - Paper

Dr Dick Murray - Australian Institute of Animal Management

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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