1995 Melbourne, Victoria


Michael Banyard - UAM Convenor

Regulatory compliance - Exploring its limitations - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock Jackson Pty Ltd

Options for animal identification systems - Paper

Dr Warwick Prowse

The provision of animal services to Councils by veterinarians in practice - Paper

Dr Ross Perry - Homebush Animal Hospital

Guidelines for designing and managing public urban space - Paper

Virginia Jackson - Harlock & Jackson

RSPCA (Vic) animal handling facilities - Paper

Peter Brown - RSPCA Victoria

Victorian cat legislation - Paper

Peter Penson - Victorian Bureau of Animal Welfare

Holding facilities - Paper

Dr Graeme Smith - The Lost Dogs Home

The principles of canine good citizens and puppy preschool - Paper

Dr Kersti Seksel - Seaforth Veterinary Hospital 

PET PEP: The pets and people program - Paper

Dr Lyndy Scott - Consultant

Problems: A Council perspective - Paper

Fred Pallas - Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Accredited training for animal management staff - Paper

Dr Gaille Perry - Ithaca College of TAFE

Ranger training in Western Australia - Paper

Graeme Raine - City of Nedlands

Cat legislation in South Australia - Paper

Deborah Kelly - Bureau of Animal Welfare, South Australia 

The benefits of living in the company of animals - Paper

Dr Edward Donelan - West Doncaster Veterinary Centre

Theft by finding - Paper

Frank Burke - Animal Protection and Welfare League of Queensland 

Evaluating outcomes - What should we measure? - Paper

Stirling City Council - an integrated system - Paper

Chris Liversage - City of Stirling

Providing animal control services to Councils - Paper

Andrew Katers - Municipal Services Pty Ltd

Health benefits of pets: results from the Australian People and Pets survey - Paper

Associate Professor Bruce Headey - University of Melbourne

Management of unowned cat colonies - Paper

Dr Carole Webb - Cat Protection Society of Victoria

Australian Institute of Animal Management Limited - ABN 69 666 244 980 - Suite 514, 89 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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