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  • Cat Management for Local Government - webinar

Cat Management for Local Government - webinar

  • 19 Aug 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom webinar
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  • Information session outlining strategies to maximise resources, save $$$ and lives.

    Times are changing in the world of cat management. History shows traditional “catch and kill” practices don’t work. Every year roughly the same number of cats are impounded often ending in euthanasia.   New strategies are needed to address the cat overpopulation issue. Community expectations are increasingly demanding more humane and better outcomes for cats from local governments and pounds. There is now a solution to what has been an ongoing, expensive process plaguing Councils for decades. You can achieve positive financial and animal outcomes, resource efficiency and DAM Plan objectives. 

    Learn how a few simple, cost effective, evidence based strategies will enable your team to:

    ·       save money

    ·       improve public health

    ·       improve resource allocation

    ·       reduce nuisance calls & complaints

    ·       encourage responsible pet ownership

    ·       align with changing community expectations

    ·       increase positive outcomes for cat management

    ·       make the workplace more rewarding for animal management teams

    Webinar presenter:

  • Dr Ann Enright: 

    Working in the animal industry can be daunting, but when regularly involved with abandoned, abused, stray or just generally unwanted animals the task can be so much harder. Costs involve more than just animals’ lives. Staff become overwhelmed and despondent, communities become increasingly concerned about euthanasia and animal welfare outcomes. Organisations struggle to manage increasing drains on limited finances and resources whilst meeting community expectations. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. By using proven, straight forward practices both local governments and private organisations can work together to achieve amazing outcomes. 

    After eighteen years in Human Resources Ann completed a veterinary science degree at Murdoch University in 2008. She then completed the Graduate Certificate and Fellowship in Shelter Medicine and is currently finishing a Masters in Shelter Medicine.  She has worked or volunteered at animal refuges in Australia, the UK, Europe and the US. Some of her favourite achievements are assisting shelters improve operations with amazing financial and welfare outcomes, establishing community veterinary clinics and co-founding Special Interest Groups as a resource for disease management, operations and networking opportunities. Currently she is working with international groups to expand networking opportunities for animal welfare organisations. 

    Access to affordable desexing services is the key to reducing companion animal overpopulation, pound/shelter impoundment and euthanasia. Committed to reducing unnecessary euthanasia Ann has helped establish Westside Community De-sexing, a not for profit veterinary clinic providing affordable desexing services to the communities in Melbourne’s western suburbs.  Her goal is to assist animal welfare organisations make positive changes for the animals in their care. Her motto is ‘to make a difference and shape the future’.

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