2015 Townsville, Queensland

Dog attacks in Townsville - Presentation

Courtney Heath - James Cook University  

It's not a witch hunt but we don't expect you to love us - Presentation

Paul Frisby - Livingstone Shire Council

Community resilience - Presentation

Peter Hall - CY OConnor TAFE

The case is go now it's time for the show - Presentation

Simon Parker - Brimbank City Council

Aggressive dog campaign 2014 - 2015 Changing attitudes - Presentation

Rob Owen - Townsville City Council

Planning and designing for dogs - a Townsville City Council case study - Presentation

Owen Montgomery - Townsville City Council

The Geraldton experience - Presentation

Konrad Seidl - Geraldton Council

Killer prosecutions - Animal hoarding - Presentation

Killer prosecutions -  Puppy farms - Presentation

Local Laws - Preventing violence against women - Presentation

Rod Bezanovic - Casey City Council

RIAMS - Intelligent service delivery through a web based knowledge system - Presentation

Sean LaFontaine - RIAMS

Use of technology in compliance & enforcement - Presentation 

Peter Shelton - City of Greater Dandenong

DIgital video recorders - what works for us - Presentation

Townsville City Council

Body worn camera technology - what works - Presentation

Breon Defence Systems

Staying safe around dogs - Presentation

Eileen Fletcher - AMRRIC

Domestic violence affects pets - Presentation

Gerry P - North Queensland Domestic Violence Resource Service

Dog hierarchy of needs - Presentation

Sharleen Jordan - CYOC

Canine welfare: Implications for behaviour and management - Presentation

Mia Cobb - Australian Working Dog Alliance

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