A post COVID-19 future

28 Apr 2020 12:52 PM | Anonymous

It’s time to look to the future!

It’s clear that COVID-19 has shaken things up, in our working and private lives, to an unprecedented level. 

It has brought with it fear, suffering and death, SO many changes and uncertainty as to what the future will look like once restrictions are lifted. What will “normal” be?

Along with all of the tragic, negative impacts of this disease, there have been some positives. We are all operating today in a way that we NEVER thought was possible. Lots of things are working how we NEVER thought was possible. Some of this change has upsides, and some of it has the opportunity to provide positives moving forward into post C-19 times. 

We have people at home spending more time with family members and their pets (so many people out walking their dogs!). We have clearer air and less time spent travelling to and from work. It appears that we have reduced our intake, of surrendered and lost pets, significantly. We have empty, or close to empty, facilities and pets in homes on a foster basis. We have SO many (more!) free resources to help us do our jobs in the best way possible. We have found workarounds to many of the barriers that have stood in the way of companion animal management and sheltering solutions. Keeping people and their pets together, implementing supportive services remotely, working with the community to be the best pet owners they can be.

What of these new changes would you like to see continued into the future? How much of what has happened over the last few months will impact on your operations long term? 

We have been given a great opportunity to turn around a truly awful situation and make something good come out of it at the other end. Who is going to grab it with both hands and run with it?

We would love to hear your responses to the questions posed above, and your opinions on the issue as a whole.

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