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Mykel Smith

Coordinator Animal Management, Health, Regulatory & Lifeguard Services, City of Gold Coast 

Mykel has worked in the animal management field for over10 years, beginning as an Animal Management Officer with the Townsville City Council progressing to the Senior Compliance Officer with Thuringowa City Council. 

Due to the amalgamation of Thuringowa and Townsville, Mykel was appointed Coordinator Compliance for the new Townsville City Council. 

Mykel has recently taken on the diverse role at City of Gold Coast which has seen his portfolio significantly increase. 

Mykel completed his Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and Management, in December 2009.

Vice President

Elke Tapley 

Community Compliance Coordinator, Mitchell Shire Council

Elke's role covers many aspects, with Animal Management being the largest and fastest growing proportion. Her experience in Local Government spans  20 years and includes the on-road roles of Municipal Laws Officer and Municipal Laws Project Officer with Nillumbik Shire Council. 

Commencing as Coordinator with Knox in 2006 and moving across to country Victoria in Broadford to take on her Mitchell role has given her a broad understanding of changing demographics. Elke holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Business (Frontline Management) and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Involved regionally, Elke is President of the North East Authorised Council Officer Association in Victoria, an Administrator of the VicRangers Forum, a committee member of the Victorian Emergency Animal Welfare Committee and a member of the LGPro Statutory Services Special Interest Group. She was also a member of the UAM/AVA ‘AMO Team of the Year’ in 2001.

Marketing Coordinator

Steve Cook

RSPCA Inspector 

Steve has worked in local government roles for over 9 years. His roles have included Parking Officer, Animal Management Officer, Emergency Management and Community Safety Coordinator. 

Steve has completed a Certificate IV in statutory compliance and a Certificate III in dog training and behaviour. Steve regularly writes guest articles for a number of pet websites and publications, promoting responsible pet ownership.  



Membership Coordinator

Stuart Harris

Senior Animal Management Officer, Brimbank City Council

Stuart has been involved with animals for many years.

He commenced as an Animal Management Officer in 2012, completing a dual Certificate IV in Animal Control and Regulation and Statutory Compliance in 2014 and received a Community First Service Reward, also in 2014, for his work over and above his standard responsibilities. Stuart became the Senior Animal Management Officer at Brimbank Council in 2016.

Stuart holds a Diploma of Management and has managed large Pet Supplies stores in Victoria being involved in sales throughout Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Stuart and his wife also own and operate one of the largest privately owned dog training schools in Victoria which has been running for the past 16 ½ years. He holds a Certificate III in Obedience Training and Behaviour achieved through The National Dog Trainers Federation.




Nell Thompson

Coordinator Getting 2 Zero

Nell has been on the AIAM Committee since 2013 and has worked in the animal welfare, care and veterinary sectors for over 20 years. 

 Nell is the Coordinator of the national Getting 2 Zero program where her background in shelter/pound operations and management and animal health is a great resource for Councils, shelters and all groups and individuals involved in the program.

 Nell is passionate about improving outcomes for pets who enter the shelter and pound systems and strongly believes that the best results occur when animal welfare and animal management are working together towards the same goals.




Sharleen Jordan BSc Dip Ed Dip LGA

Lecturer, Local Govt/Animal Studies Central Regional TAFE.,WA 

Sharleen is an ASL2 (Advanced Skills Lecturer) for Central Regional TAFE (WA) who has been conducting training for the Local Government and Animal Studies sectors since 1996. 

Her teachings incorporate a wide scope of Nationally Accredited subjects including animal behaviour, management and control, reptile handling, livestock, emergency management, firearms, and more. 

Sharleen has almost ten years of service on the WA Rangers Association committee and represents them on this AIAM committee; as well as a presence on several other committees. She has worked with Animal Control in the USA and is currently conducting training and undertaking various projects with Animal Control in Malaysia. Sharleen has a vast international network of officers and through this network is able to uphold her principles of teaching “Current International Best Practice” with a strong focus on Animal Welfare and Occupational Health and Safety.

Training Coordinator

Peter Hall

Lecturer Local Government/Regulatory Services/ Operational Works, Central Regional TAFE . WA 

Peter has been a lecturer in Local Government studies for 6 years. Previous to joining the WA TAFE system he was 12 years a Local Government Ranger for the City of Bayswater, Shire of Chittering and the City of Joondalup.

Peter's background prior to his ranger journey was with Western Power (the State electricity supplier) as their Senior Risk Management Officer for a 10 year period. His spare time is taken up as a volunteer bush fire fighter in the Shire of Chittering.

Currently Peter is Brigade Captain with the Muchea Brigade and he looks after 30 volunteers and three firefighting appliances. He also trains new and existing volunteers and has been involved in the industry for the past 18 years.

As a lecturer Peter has had the opportunity to travel around WA training rangers and expanding his knowledge and networks and meeting some wonderful people who are carrying out a difficult job within their communities.



Sharon McTaggert

Regulatory Services Manager – Litchfield Council 

Originally from Western Australia, Sharon has been in the Northern Territory for the past 5 years, working as the Animal Management Supervisor for the City of Darwin until moving into her current role as Ranger Supervisor for the Litchfield Council.

During the past year, Sharon has initiated several responsible pet ownership initiatives through Council including free microchipping, $100 de-sexing vouchers and a dog awareness educational program for schools. She works actively with rescue groups and has managed to achieve a pound euthanasia rate of 2% for the Litchfield Council.

Sharon is passionate about animal management and has identified many issues in the Northern Territory such as the lack of legislation to support local councils in the management of domestic animals, high euthanasia rates of impounded animals, the lack of relevant industry training available for Rangers and also the lack of consistency and direction across neighbouring councils with By-laws and animal management in general.







John Hansen

Bushfire Risk Management Planning, Shire of Beverley, WA

 John has a Certificate IV in Local Government (Regulatory Services) and served as a Ranger in several areas throughout WA. This experience occurred as a result of his desire to see improvements in the way domestic animals were treated within the system. Realising change, if change is going to occur on a national scale, has to come from State and Federal Government with the support from within the managing authority (Local Government).

This epiphany was confirmed by experience in establishing and running a rescue and rehoming facility using only foster carers.  Moving into Emergency Management and Bushfire risk specifically has opened another important pathway that of assisting LG’s in documenting and planning for animal safety and relocation in the event of such an event.

 John also holds a Diploma in Financial Services a second Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is an accredited Reptile Removalist for Parks and Wildlife in WA. He is also a member of his local Volunteer Bushfire Brigade with VFF Level 6 achieved and a foundation member of the E-WA Rotary club.



  Kurt Livens

  Ranger Team Leader, Cessnock City Council, NSW 

Kurt is the Ranger Team Leader at Cessnock City Council. Kurt started with Council  4.5 years ago as a Ranger and has since implemented a school education program and school parking signage program, building relationships in the community.

Kurt holds a Cert IV in Regulatory Services, Investigations, and Training and Assessment. His key focus is community education for pet owners and will be speaking about the responsible pet ownership programs implemented in Cessnock.



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