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The Australian Institute of Animal Management aims to actively assist in establishing, maintaining and promoting a standard of local Animal Management service for Australia, that shapes ours as being one of the most sensible, responsible and considerate urban animal-owning communities in the world.

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Our Aim

About Animal Management

Animal management involves the control and regulation of pets ("companion animals") by Local Government. In Australia, urban Animal Management is a Local Government service, aimed at:

  1. Effectively promoting responsible and considerate pet animal ownership
  2. Effectively minimising public pet nuisance

Animal Management professionals work with three separate complex scientific disciplines: Animal Behaviour, Human Behaviour, and Community Behaviour.

Animal Management is also a municipal service, that fits into four distinct areas of Governmental concern:

  1. Community (public health, welfare and amenity)
  2. Economy (commercial activity and employment)
  3. Environment (wildlife and habitat protection)
  4. Governance (transparency and integrity of community service delivery)

There are, therefore, 3 main areas of Animal Management Service delivery:

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